About Us

Servvel Lubricants and Chemicals Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 1999 , with the objective of providing innovative ( tailor made) solutions in the field of Thermal Insulation . The company is lead by technocrats , who work jointly with public and private sector companies in India , to develop thermal insulation solutions for specialized applications

Over the years , the company has gained adequate experience and developed expertise to provide ‘unconventional’ thermal solutions for specialized applications that require intermittent and continuous temperature control . Our understanding of thermal insulation is assisted by leading research institutes and specialized manufacturers .

GAIA Award winner for Best Green Product Reducing Heat Build up in Buildings , Concrete and Metal Roofing’s , Cement , Asbestos sheets , Warehouses , Railway Tracks

Our Products

Super Hot Coat

up to 900 degree C , continuous temp

Hot Liquid Coat

up to 300 degree C, continuous temp


Heat Reflective Solar Coating


Water based coil coating

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What Client’s Say

One of our clients and their observation

  • SOLACOAT is definitely a worthy product. Before it was applied to our metal roof of our LT Control room, we needed air conditioners and air collers to bring down the temperature. It was hard to work in some areas because the roof radiated heat even after sunset. Servvel Lubricants and chemicals applied SOLACOAT heat rejection solutions to the roof. The temperature of the metal roof on the internal side was surprisingly 20 degrees lesser than uncoated one. For the more warmer years to come, we would recommend SOLACOAT, which is needy and perfect solution.